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Guardian Memorial and Flag Accessories is a small family owned business offering high quality, affordable memorial and flag accessories and unique products to enhance your home and boat.

Many of these products represent honor in showing gratitude and respect for the way your loved ones have touched your life or for their service to our country. We offer items to enhance the graveside with durable products such as headstone wreath hangers, flower holders for monuments and veteran service flagstaffs. Mirror/door wreath hangers, mailbox and boat flag holders are offered for home decor. Guardian Memorial and Flag Accessories also offers customized sponsorship emblems for military organizations and civic groups involved in fundraising.

Be sure to read our Dad’s story and his interesting journal excerpts from his 3 years in the Korean War. Find the link to his diary on the About Us page.

Our Best Sellers
Our Best Sellers


Mailbox Flag Holder

Headstone Wreath Holder

What’s New

Headstone Wreath Hanger

Watch how easy it is to use our adjustable Headstone Wreath Hanger.

Flagstaff Holder

Watch how easy it is to use our flagstaff with the unique toe pad design.


"This medical corps medallion means more to my husband and I than you will ever realize. Our son, Dan, doesn't get to come home to often. Having the medallion represent Dan and the other men and women who serve with him and also the ones who served with Dan and lost their lives. Thank you for the medallion doesn't seem enough for the dedication and respect you have for all the men and women who serve/served in all branches of the militaries.

With great respect to you: Thank you."
-Janet M.

"I put the Headstone Long Topper on my Dad's monument and it looks beautiful. We have had a very windy spring and it stayed in place! Love it!"
-Lisa G.
"The Mailbox Flag Holder has a strong adhesive to attach it to the mailbox. A hole is provided if you want to add a screw for additional support. It looks great on my mailbox!"
-Marie W.
"The Headstone Wreath Hanger is adjustable and so easy to use. Nice product!"
-Steve D.

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